How do I automate Product Reviews?

How do you automate product reviews? It’s really simple if you use tools like Jilt (which works with WooCommerce, Shopify, and Easy Digital Downloads). While most people know Jilt because of their abandoned cart features, it does so much more. And one of the ways you can use Jilt is to make sure you automate the request for your customers to come back to your site and provide a product review.

In this example, I’m tying the email to the normal thank you process for a first-time purchaser. Could you do it for every purchase? Sure. And you’d do almost everything the exact same way, but in this demo, I’m adding an email to the normal first-time-buyer sequence.

What you notice is that this isn’t really hard to do at all. You simply wait a set period of time (in this case, I chose 21 days), and then you send the follow-up email that asks for the review.

Could you do more? Like offer a coupon code to come back and make their next purchase? Absolutely. Again, Jilt makes that really easy.